Cercle is a CRM for smart people.

Embed your contacts into visual cards

Manage all your Leads, Clients, Support Tickets like a Super Hero.

You shouldn't pay for your CRM.

Cercle is Open Source



Each card can embed contacts on a board


Each card has a wall where you can chat in realtime with team

It is now easy to track your progress.

Assign your contacts to a board

"I don't always close, but when I do, it's because of Cercle"

- Thomas Evans 

"I still can't believe we're getting this level of service at a fraction of what we used to pay before we've found Cercle!"

- James Scott

"It suits our needs. Very simple to use."

- Amanda Bailey 

People Love our Product

"I love your system. Cercle is great."

- Diana Washington 

Your CRM is too complex?

Try Cercle.

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